500,000 Registered Members + 30,000 Global GDC Attendees

Gamasutra and GDC are the game industry's most trusted resources for all things recruitment. Offering advanced capabilities with our upgraded job board, a robust database of professionals with varying levels of experience, unmatched face to face opportunities with seasoned GDC attendees around the globe and proven aggressive media campaigns and content partnerships...all delivering employers unparalleled results!


Gamasutra Audience Snapshot: Experience Matters

  • Avg 6 years of game industry experience
  • Avg 10 published titles
  • 50% of registered members are international (200,000)
  • Job Function:
    • 45% - Programming/Engineering
    • 41% - Game Design
    • 27% - Other
    • 31% - Visual Arts
    • 25% - Business/Management
    • 32% - Production
    • 17% - Audio

Gamasutra Job Postings

  • Job Board averages 165,000 Unique Monthly Visitors
  • Full mobile compatibility to browse jobs on the go
  • Expanded search and auto-notification options
  • LinkedIn integration to easily import your profile and share job listings

Gamasutra's Resume Database

  • Gain access to 35,000 active job seeker's resumes
  • Resumes from over 120 countries
  • Avg 6 Years Experience
  • Offering monthly unlimited search packages

GDC Recruitment

  • Largest Industry Career Center
  • Events in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Europe and China
  • Over 30,000 global attendees
  • Unparalled Networking

Media Solutions

  • Reach Passive Job Seekers
  • Dynamic display ad units
  • Webcasts
  • Custom articles and Newsletters

Featured Employer Program

Gamasutra's exclusive Featured Employer program is a premium benefits reward program that provides our most active recruiting companies with increased awareness, the most dynamic ad positions, job posting visibility, and white-glove personal service.

Become a Diamond Featured Employer with a $35k+ annual spend. Become a Gold Featured Employer with a $25k+ annual spend.

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  • Gamasutra Job Postings regularly delivers a large variety of candidates in the Game Industry allowing us to make well informed talent acquisitions.

    Andrew Reinhardt, Head of Recruitment, Wargaming

  • We at 2k Games depend on Gamasutra’s job board to connect us with the most passionate and talented job seekers in the game industry.

    Chris Bigelow, Recruiting Manager, 2K Games

  • Gamasutra has always been a reliable source for recruiting game developers in Germany. As a Featured Employer, Innogames continually gets great candidates from our job postings

    Christoph Hillermann, Team Lead HR, Innogames

  • GDC is extremely successful in bringing together an immense amount of game industry talent in one place, and year after year has proven to be Nexon America’s event of choice for networking and hiring.

    Paula Fellbaum, Executive Director, HR and Admin Operationsm, Nexon

  • The Nordeus team depends on GDC Europe every year to recruit and hire the most talented game developers in the world

    Milan Dukic, PR Manager Nordeus