Media Sponsorship Opportunities

The Game Network of sites is home to the largest community of developers worldwide, with over 1,000,000 unique users per month from 70 countries, totaling 3.8 million monthly page views.

Over 71% of Gamasutra members are directly involved in the purchase of new technologies, products and services, making Gamasutra an essential vehicle to consistently reach decision makers throughout the year.

Section Sponsorships

Become the Exclusive Sponsor of one of Gamasutra's targeted content sections. Whether you choose to sponsor by Market Vertical or Developer Discipline, Gamasutra's section sponsorships allow your company to convey it's thought leadership and associate it's brand with relevant content to your targeted audience.

Section Landing Page (Smartphone/Tablet) *multiple URLs can be accommodated on site skins
Sponsored Article Page
ROS Banners

Rates/Campaign Lengths Available:

Campaign Length Rates
1 Month $18,000 per month
3 Months $15,000 per month
6 Months $13,000 per month
12 Months $10,000 per month

Choose (1) Market Vertical or Discipline to Sponsor: Exclusive

Section Sponsorship Deliverables scale with campaign length Monthly Impressions/Deliverables
Section Site Skin takes over background of the section landing page 100% SOV
Sponsor side-bar callout box on section landing page. Includes 75 word text description, company logo and URL 100% SOV
Site skin impressions across section articles, ROS used if needed to meet goal. Creative supplied by client. 100,000
Top or Middle positon in a newsletter (position and newsletter based on avails at time of booking)

Inside Gama (22K subscribers), Indie Games(20K subscribers) or Smartphone/Tablet (14K subscribers)
*1 newsletter per month
ROS Banners  
300x250 Rectangle 75,000
160x600 Skyscraper 75,000
728x90 Leaderboard 75,000
160x160 Sponsor Tile rotation Even Rotation
Sponsored Article  
Sponsored Articles to appear on the Homepage of, (1) per month. Article will also be posted in the Updates Section and the appropriate sponsored section content well. 1 per month
300x250 Native Ad impressions (to drive to sponsored article) 100,000

*With the Inside Gama Newsletter (Thurs), you also get included in the Gama Daily delivered (M, T, W, F)