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By the Numbers

Gamasutra members are deeply involved in their organizations' decisions to purchase Hardware, Software, and Services.*

  • 63% - Are involved in purchasing hardware (products or technologies)
  • 67% - Are involved in purchasing software (products or technologies)
  • 68% - Are involved in purchasing services (contract, consulting, outsourcing)

Gamasutra members prefer to purchase their tools online:*

  • 63% - purchase their tools (products or technologies) over the web.

Gamasutra members develop on multiple platforms:*

  • 46% - PC/Mac
  • 27% - Console
  • 38% - Handheld Devices (Mobile Platforms)
*Source: Gamasutra Purchasing Survey

Gamasutra members are part of the global gaming community:

  • 34% (286,000) are international
  • Representing over 60 countries

Gamasutra members' job function:

Gamasutra members manage directly or indirectly 10.4 people in their company.

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