For Sales Contacts

Aaron Murawski
Vice President of Sales
UBM Tech Game Network | Black Hat
P: 415.516.2129

Media Kit

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GDC Events

Malik Watson
Global Sales Director
P: 415.947.6224
F: 415.947.6090

Luuk Fokke
Europe and Asia Account Manager
P: +49.6051.977.1.577
C: +49.151.644.112.88
Skype: luuk.fokke

Debbie Beam
Senior Account Manager
P: 785.424.3592
F: 516.467.8823

Derren Gong
Account Manager, China

Rio Pesino
West Coast Strategic Account Manager
P: 415.947.6091
C: 415.602.9582

Ella Robinson
Sales Intelligence & Operations Specialist
T: 415.947.6225

GDC Play/Vault

Brenner Fuller
GDC Play/Vault Account Manager
P: 603-856-0674
F: 501-643-7034


Courtney Blair
Global Sales Manager, Media and Recruitment
P: 925.323.4647

Marketing Contacts

Liz Wakefield
Senior Marketing Director
P: 415.947.6987
F: 415.947.6080

Joey Yazzolino
Associate Marketing Manager
P: 415.947.6158
F: 415.947.6080

David Medina
Content Marketing Specialist
P: 510.882.1689

Haby Barry
Marketing Specialist
P: 415.947.6321

Press Contacts

US Press
47 Communications
6404 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 830
Los Angeles, CA 90048
T: 323.658.1200
F: 323.658.1205

European Press
Marchsreiter Communications GmbH
Guldeinstr. 41a
D-80339 München
Tel.: +49 (0) 89-519 199 42
Fax: +49 (0) 89-520 339 393

Game Developers Events Management Contacts

Simon Carless
Executive Vice President
P: 415.947.6145

Meggan Scavio
General Manager
P: 415.947.6123
F: 415.947.6080

Megan Bundy
Conference Manager
P: 650.759.6241
F: 415.947.6080

Victoria Petersen
Senior Conference Manager
P: 415.947.6282
F: 415.947.6080

Sandesh Nicol
Conference Coordinator


GDC Online & Contacts

Kris Graft
Associate Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, Gamasutra

Alex Wawro
Online Community Editor GDC & Gamasutra